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Qualifying to Adopt

Ready to adopt a nail polish? Apply to adopt our featured nail polish family the Orlys, by commenting with why you would be the best candidate here.

Bringing a new polish into the family is a serious responsibility, ensure you meet the criteria below to be certain you are a good match for adopting a polish:

Do you have space? Each polish takes about 1 square inch of space, please ensure you have the shelf space, they have been through enough and don’t deserve to be thrown in a basket or dark drawer.

Plan to use? Even the most destitute polish needs more than just being looked at, a polish wants to be touched, and used. It needs to be given attention.

Original? Have you owned one by the same name before? Then why not adopt someone else? Nobody wants to enter a new family and feel like the are simply replacing a previous bottle. This makes it very difficult to live up to expectations.

Live in the United States or Canada? These polishes have gone through enough, we can’t put them through the dangers of an international voyage.

Ready to adopt? That’s great! Here is what the process looks like.
  1. Ensure you meet the cirteria of a good parent
  2. Read the biographies of current adoptees and select a polish you would like to give a good home
  3. Apply by describing why you would be a good parent in the form under each polish. (See current adoptions)
  4. We will select the best application and make travel arrangments for your new polish

Please note: There is no cost in the adopting process. If other organizations contact you and ask for upfront, or shipping fees for polish adoption please do not trust them and contact your local BBB