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Parent Selected: The Orly’s – Hard Times Strike a Family of Four



Larson C.

I am a 13 year old polish-obsessor and have always planned on adopting kids when old enough. Since I’m too young to do that, and my polishes are my babies this would be a perfect way to do that. I also have plenty of space for this beautiful polish family in my bathroom. Also I’m a budding nail blogger so I can promise that Space Cadet’s Wife, Hot Pink, will have her swatches all over the internet with her two wonderful children. Plus, I never lend out or loose my nail polishes and treat them all with the ultimate respect.


“Dear Orly Family,
I’m so sorry you have fallen on such hard times. I would love to adopt you and let you see what life is really all about.
Mother Orly, my husband will take us dancing often, what girl doesn’t want that? And walks, that’s how I get my exercise daily. As for showing off swatches…I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and write a blog everyone will get to see your beauty. We could even be sure to get some family portraits.
Daughter Orly, I have a daughter just about your age. She could really use your influence in her life. And I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for you to be the best of friends. Then she would proudly introduce you to many more friends.
Baby Orly, you are just so cute. I have a son, too. He would be happy to share his mommy with you. I have so much love and attention it would be no problem to make both of you happy.
Father Orly, don’t you feel left out. I love spending time with my husband and how do i do that? With plenty of outdoors time. There will be hiking, fishing, and so much more. If I get to adopt your family there will never be a lack of happiness in either of our lives and you will no longer have to worry. 3 Free is fine with me, to be honest, vegan would be like punishment.
I know your family would be happy here. You would never feel neglected or unwanted. I have plenty of time and love for all of you. I hope my family sounds as nice to you as yours does to me. Have a wonderful day and hope i get the chance to meet you.


“I know a family of four is a big load to adopt, but I also know that I can afford to support them everyday because I always take all my babies for a walk interchangeably every other day. In other words, I never leave my house without them because I’d feel naked without them.
Moreover, I always put on beautiful clothes on them with cute yet elegant design. Also, according to my experience, I know that Orly family will never disappoint me. They show really good attitude when I’m dressing them. I show them off in my blog whenever I post my outfit of the day. They can be seen <a href=”””” rel=””nofollow””>here</a>.
Last but not least, I never let my babies sleep in a dark and unventilated box. I have a special clear acrylic wall rack with lots of empty spaces mounted in my living room, so that all my guests can see their beautiful existence. All my guests will always compliment their colorful and cheerful appearance in my house.

I know that they will be very happy to be adopted by me :)”


“I would love to adopt this family of four. The Orly’s would be treated royalty within my collection. They would be the only Orly’s I have owned, and as the first in my collection, they will always have a treasured spot. I would rave about them in my blog. I’m even considering featuring them in my stories, in fact. How cute would a nail polish themed chaptered story be? VERY cute if it featured these four. In fact, allowing me to adopt them ensures that they will be PIONEERS in the storytelling field. The unsung heroes of nail polish colors.

They deserve a home with exclusivity. I have that.

They deserve the utmost luxury. My display shelves, homemade with love and adorned with my own creative photoshopped designs, can provide them that.

They deserve recognition. My blogs and my stories will give them that.

With me, they will have everything!”

Meet the Orly Family: The Orly’s are a family of four family looking for adoption. They fell on hard times when the family that owned them lost their home in the housing bubble and left the (still new) Orly polishes behind.
  • Space Cadet (Father) 
  • Hot Pink (Mother)
  • Hot Stuff (Teenage Daughter)
  • Blue Collar (Baby Boy)
Quote (Father Orly): “When I married my wife I promised her she would go dancing, out for walks, and that so many people who see her swatches on Facebook. I haven’t been able to provide the life I know she and our children deserve. Somebody please help us. Sure, of course we are 3-free, but now everybody is looking for vegan, I’m just not sure what to do”
Apply to adopt the entire Orly family by describing how you can give them a good home below. 

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  1. Nikki says:

    I’m a single 24 year old and I love night clubs which means there are tons of opportunities for me to take the Orly’s out on the town and give them a good walk.

    I promise to paint my nails and post swatches of each Orly member on the AdoptAPolish Facebook so you can be sure I’m doing a good job.

  2. Sheri says:

    Hello Orly family! I’m a family woman myself. I know what it’s like to fight to support your family and provide a good life. I can offer the stability of a family home to your family. We might be a hard-working family, but we still like to have fun. I can promise a stable family home with a good measure of fun and excitement thrown in for good measure. I promise you your family will never be abandoned again.

  3. Brandi says:

    I’m a nail polish lover with a big heart and most of all, I’m the most blessed fairy god mother of a nice-sized family of polish.

    All of my darling polishes have a space of their own in my growing nail polish suite. I enjoy each and every one of them and I make sure they get the one-on-one time they deserve by picking them up, admiring them, wearing them and showing them off to my friends at work, strangers in public, and will have no problem showing them off to my friends on Facebook.

    It would be my honour to offer this care and admiration to this lovely family. I’ll do whatever I can to preserve their life and their wear, including giving them a great foundation of the ever luxe Seche Vite base coat and I’ll protect them with the Seche Vite top coat. Only the best for my bumpkins!

    I saved the best and most exciting part for last: This family will be reunited with their long-lost family members! Some of the father’s brothers and sisters (Lunar Eclipse, It’s Not Rocket Science and Halley’s Comet) live with me and my other loved nail polish babies! They have been longing to see their family and help them get out of the slump their in. I promised them I would try my hardest to locate their family and that my doors would always be open for them. Please help me make this dream come true for them (and me).

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Melinda says:

    I would glady adopt this family of four. My fingers and toes would definitely shine with this fab four!

  5. samantha says:

    I find that adopting this family of four would be a great addition to my family! I would shine with them on my fingers and toes, and they would also be loved by my three year old niece, who also thinks that no nail polish should go without a home!
    I feel that these fabulous four will love living with me in Dallas, as it’s a fun loving area that will sure to make them shine!
    I will be sure to let all four of them feel wanted equally and give the attention they each need!

  6. Emily says:

    I’ve never met an ORLY polish I didn’t like! But living in eastern Canada I have very few opportunities to see them on shelves and have not had the pleasure of welcoming one into my family before. I paint my nails every night after I’m done my school work, (I’m a university student so loads of people see my nails every day) and I’m sure each polish would get lots of use. Not to mention my nail art, so some of these colors would have wonderful opportunities to go out on the town together! This would be a wonderful opportunity for me and ORLY to enjoy each-others company, something we would never be able to do without the adoption agency!

  7. Crystal says:

    I would like to apply to adopt this family of four! My own family is only small and still young and new. Perhaps this family and my own can work together to fulfill what was missing in the others’ heart. Because my family is so small, I can give equal amount of attention to all of the polishes, so no one will feel left out! Like all of my family, the four polishes would be on display at all times on my desk. I’m proud of my little ones and show them off when possible! Best of luck finding a good home for these beauties!

  8. Steve says:

    I am a boy. Nobody thinks that boys can take care of nail polish, but clearly these polishes need someone who will love them.

    If I get the chance to adopt these polishes, I’ll show everyone how happy they can be having all kinds of exciting adventures they wouldn’t have anywhere else!

  9. Caty Posch says:

    I would love to adopt this family of four! I love nail polishes and splurge when I get the chance, but sadly I am a poor college student that doesn’t often have spare money to spend. I have a big, loving family of polish already and I feel that these lovely ladies would fit right in. I would be an excellent parent and love each one individually. They would get two aunts, my roommates, that would also love to spend time with these cuties. Thanks for considering my application, I can’t wait to hear if I have the pleasure of extending my family!

  10. Sarah says:

    I would welcome these polishes into my collection 🙂 I currently do not own any Orly products, so they would be a well loved addition. I never leave the house without at least having my toes painted, so they would be put to good use.
    Thank you,

  11. Mindy says:

    This little family would fit perfectly into my growing nail polish community!

    Not only are there many “adult” polishes that Father and Mother can become acquainted with but a whole load of mini Quo by Orly Canadian cousins that make perfect playmates for Brother and Sister.

    These lovely polishes will never be forgotten; I always change up my nail polish every week. I do an equal rotation of my polish and I would be happy to add this family of four into the mix.

    I’m sure this family of four would turn heads when I wear them out on the town. The hot pink Mother would definitely stand out with her bright personality. The intriguing Father would draw in onlookers with his color changing sheen. Brother and Sister are like precious gems with their rich, luxe color.

    I do hope this little family with find a home with me!

  12. Torrie Jadlocki says:

    I am a college student that would love to add these polishes to my family! I love to collect and add polishes to my growing family as often as I can, and these would be great! My fingers would be so happy!

  13. Nayab says:

    Hello Orlies,

    I have never had the pleasure of having an Orly in my collection, but since I’m in Pakistan, I can never even think of having one. My collection boasts of 15-20 nail polish (with exaggeration) so I can assure you that if you come on over to my place, you will be loved and well used 🙂

    My cousins in DeKalb can bring you over to me 🙂

    Lots of love from Pakistan.

  14. Beth Irvin says:

    Hello Orly Family,
    My name is Beth, I’m 22 years old and looking for somepolish just like you to help to add beauty and purpose to my poor nakkie nails.
    I have some polish of my own now but I’ve never been able to grow my polish family as big as I’d like to a medical bills I have. I
    don’t have tons of money, but I have tons of love! I take very good care of my nails, they are always shaped, trimmed and moisterized. And I always clean up my manis, if get the chance to bring you home and wear you out I’ll always make sure not to leave you flooded in my cuticles or chipped and haggard.

    If I bring you home I promise the first thing I’ll do is create a mani involving all of you and take you all on a big family outting together! (and I’ll take plenty of family pictures to put on facebook!)

    I need a little bundle of polish joy in my life and I hope you can help me to fill the empty spot on my polish shelf and keep my poor nakkie nails company!

    Waiting for your reply, love always,
    Beth Irvin

  15. My husband and I have considered fostering or adopting children. Until we get a final answer from God, this would be a great way to determine if we would make good adoptive parents… well me at least! This set would make our family “Rock Solid”!

  16. Sarah B. says:

    I’m a single 23 year old, college graduate working a a sad retail job. Although I love picking up shiny new polishes, there is not budget for anything over $4.00 a bottle. Times are tough for us all.The Orly’s would be the first designer polishes in a community of drug store brand polishes. I would give the Orly’s a loving home and in return they could add a little brightness to my day. I would love and appreciate them as they sparkle on my hands during those long retail hours during the holiday season.

  17. Anne S says:

    As a family oriented person, I would welcome this family with open arms and a warm heart. I have lots of diverse and dynamic polishes and I feel that this family would fit right in. Also, I never leave anyone of my polishes behind!

  18. Noelia says:

    I would love to take the Orly Family home with me to my son and my dog. My son loves counting my nail polish and would play with them so they would never be lonely. I would to swatches on my blog and post pics on my Facebook. The whole world would see how special they are and they would brighten up my days. 🙂

  19. Something about this family reminds me of my own – maybe because I’m also taller than my boyfriend and we do have two cats which are out children. I think this family of four would fit in nicely with us. I have other Orly’s they should be reunited with, I believe they’re long lost cousins, once, or twice removed, but blood is blood and family is family, now can we please get this one back together?

  20. Erica says:

    I would love to care for and adopt this family. I have a range of ages in polishes at my home and I am sure every family member would find fast friends and feel right a home. I have yet to own an orly polish so they will be exotic and unique within my polish community. I like to provide a true close knit community feel to my polishes so they would never feel alone again. I also provide free healthcare and make sure the mental and physical well being of my polishes are in tact. I will make sure to blog about each family member specifically on my blog and I even will try out some nail art using a few of them as a team. I am very pro polish friendly and I am sure the whole family would feel at home with me. 🙂

  21. Megan says:

    This poor family! They are truly in need of a great parent. I can guarantee that I’m exactly what they need! They would have a great cozy home, and have plenty of friends to play with.

    I’m perfectly happy to adopt a 3-free polish in need, and would most definitely, not only take them dancing, but take them for walks too, and post plenty of pictures of them in their happy new home on facebook, and even feature them on my blog.

  22. Larson C. says:

    I am a 13 year old polish-obsessor and have always planned on adopting kids when old enough. Since I’m too young to do that, and my polishes are my babies this would be a perfect way to do that. I also have plenty of space for this beautiful polish family in my bathroom. Also I’m a budding nail blogger so I can promise that Space Cadet’s Wife, Hot Pink, will have her swatches all over the internet with her two wonderful children. Plus, I never lend out or loose my nail polishes and treat them all with the ultimate respect.

  23. Marie says:

    Hi Orlies!
    You guys look like such a strong family, and you each shine in your own ways! I could wear you all together at the same time, or separate, so no one will feel left out when we hang out together! I can’t wait for you to move in to the nice apartments where all of my other polishes live, and I think you’ll really like all of the other polishes that live there! You can hang out with some glittery polishes, or, if you feel more comfortable, converse with those of your own kind! It’ll be so much fun! Of course, you parents can have your date night, going dancing, and I’ll babysit the kids! And Hot Stuff, I think us two will become besties for sure! Blue Collar will of course have a nice quiet place to sleep at night, and if he makes a mess, I’ll clean it up! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you, and for all ya’ll to meet our big happy family of polishes!

  24. Emily K says:

    I would love to have the Orlys join my polish family- it is ever growing but there is love in my heart for each and every one of them. Hot Stuff and Blue Collar would fit right in with the other minis I have and I’m sure Space Cadet would love to see his brother Out of this World and sisters Galaxy Girl and Halley’s Comet again- let’s reunite that family! Something also tells me that Hot Pink and I would enjoy many a pedicure together.

  25. Erin Semple says:

    I’m Erin Semple, and I want to adopt YOU!
    Although I am a single mother of 91, I have worn each polish with love and care, never letting them been seen chipped in public. My friends love to wear my polishes and wear them with pride, giving each polish extra time and love. I have no Orly children, and would adore each and every one of the Orly family. Mother Orly and her children would love the scenic landscape of my college, and I walk my polishes to and from class every day, 3 times a day. And on Thursdays, we go dancing! Father Orly could relax, knowing he had picked an excellent adoptive mother and caregiver for his family.
    I also meet all the qualifications of being an excellent adoptive mother for these abandoned polishes.
    Thank you.

  26. Jennafroggy says:

    Dear Orly Family,
    I’m so sorry you have fallen on such hard times. I would love to adopt you and let you see what life is really all about.
    Mother Orly, my husband will take us dancing often, what girl doesn’t want that? And walks, that’s how I get my exercise daily. As for showing off swatches…I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and write a blog everyone will get to see your beauty. We could even be sure to get some family portraits.
    Daughter Orly, I have a daughter just about your age. She could really use your influence in her life. And I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for you to be the best of friends. Then she would proudly introduce you to many more friends.
    Baby Orly, you are just so cute. I have a son, too. He would be happy to share his mommy with you. I have so much love and attention it would be no problem to make both of you happy.
    Father Orly, don’t you feel left out. I love spending time with my husband and how do i do that? With plenty of outdoors time. There will be hiking, fishing, and so much more. If I get to adopt your family there will never be a lack of happiness in either of our lives and you will no longer have to worry. 3 Free is fine with me, to be honest, vegan would be like punishment.
    I know your family would be happy here. You would never feel neglected or unwanted. I have plenty of time and love for all of you. I hope my family sounds as nice to you as yours does to me. Have a wonderful day and hope i get the chance to meet you.

  27. Amanda says:

    I would be a good parent because I’m looking to expand my collection of Orlys. I have a lot of polishes already but they are never neglected, well-cared for and used, and can depend on me to use them with a nice base and top coat (none of that cheap stuff!). They can also expect to garner a lot of attention from blog posts about them when I wear them. They would be a good addition to my growing family of polishes!

  28. Julia says:

    This beautiful family of four can find a happy home on my new handcrafted polish rack! Because of my recent discovery of Konad I will be able to keep the family together on my nails on a daily basis. I have yet to own any Orlys but am looking to expand my collection to some nicer polishes, something not always easy when paying for college! My room with be a happy new location for this fab four!

  29. Stephanie says:

    My son Vixen (min pin/doxen)and I would love to add another family to our home. You would be able to have your own space as we do not have any other Orly families in our growing collection. We tend to go through our collection nightly and take time to view each and every one of them. Vixen and I paint our nails almost daily making sure no one gets left behind! All of my nail polishes live a plush and wonderful life.

    I am also a girls hockey coach and have promised the girls that at our away tournament in Jan that I would paint all of there nails. That is 23 little girls hands! I can only imagine the smile you would bring to there faces when they see you.This would be the perfect time to receive even more tender love and care and be able to shine.

    There is no “cooler” place then hanging out at an ice arena.

    Looking forward to adopting you,
    Stephanie & Vixen

  30. Kelli says:

    Hello Orly family!
    I would like to offer an invite to you into my home! I have a budding nail polish collection that was started from my own rescuing of polishes that were abandoned by neighbors or friends! All of my polishes are part of one big family that would welcome you into the community!

    As for a new home Im happy to say that around Christmas time I will have brand new apartments for everyone to live in! These new homes will have plenty of space and comfort for a growing family! My Human family is also very nice and I paint my sisters’ and mom’s nails all the time! There is no polish that I own that hasn’t been tried on!

    I also am a blogger of nail polish! Once I try you on, we will have a photo shoot and your lovely colors will be added to my posts for all my followers to see! I hope that you find a good home regardless of where you go!

    Best of Luck,

  31. amanda reyes says:

    As someone who’s been adopted herself, I know what its like to not feel loved. You feel invisible or in your case…dried up. All we ever really need is a good home and the comfort that no one is ignoring you or considering getting rid of you. I have ten reasons why you should come home with me….pinky, index,middle…well you get the idea : )

  32. I’m a married woman with a rather big heart. I host a mommy get together that would surely give your wife and children ample opportunity to chat, play, have fun, and dance.

    I spend a lot of time with others interacting through the joys of nail polish and we tend not to discriminate against non-vegans. Just not in our hearts.

    As I type this my son has spotted Blue Collar and is very excited to see him! Genuinely hope we can have a chance to provide a comfortable home full of love and good times!

  33. Carolina says:

    i would love to adopt these little polish because i know i will be a fantastic mother. They will have a good home here and i have other children polish so they will never be alone. I promise to teach them all things a good mother should like always spark!

  34. hannah says:

    Orly family,
    I just want you to know that you are all beautiful, even you, dad! I have ample space where you will be able to mingle with other polishes, both alike and different. I have a wide variety of polishes, a few of them being your other Orly cousins.
    Forget the regain polishes, I prefer you! We can go dancing whenever you like. Since I love Facebook, you’ll be all over it!
    I promise to give you the life you’ve always wanted.
    This is all I’ve ever wanted and I hope to see you soon!

  35. myline says:

    hello… i’m myline from the Phillippines i hope you would allow me to adopt polishes coz i would really love to have the… i love nail polishes since i was a little girl i would put polishes on my nail so that they would look pretty… i don’t like jewelries nor beautiful clothes but i love nail polishes… i take good care of my nails so that they would be more beautiful when i put my polishes on… i don’t have that many but they are enough for me but i would sure love to have more… i only have local polish brands coz they are all i can afford…so please let me adopt them… thank you very much…

  36. Katy says:

    Hi! I’m Katy, and I feel that I definitely have room at my home for these little lovelies. I participate in PINK Wednesdays with some other bloggers so I definitely have a chance to show off Hot Pink and Hot stuff! As for Blue Collar, he needs some lovin’ either or his own, or stamped up to make him shine! And last but not least Mr. Space Cadet deserves some loving nails who want to show off what a fantastic Universe-al looking guy he is! I’d love to put them up all over the life and polish facebook and show this little family the love they deserve. Hope to see these little guys soon! 🙂

  37. Leann says:

    I would love to adopt these lovely nail polishes. I do not yet have any Orly polishes, so these guys would be a great addition to my family. My polishes now get used all the time, so being in here, these polishes would be sure not to get neglected. I would post pictures of this new addition to my family on Facebook and show them off to all my friends. Maybe i’d even share them with my friends to be sure none of the colors got neglected again. No polish left behind! I can’t wait to see if these pretty polishes get to be part of my family! 🙂

  38. Lauren says:

    Not only do I have an extra large home for this adorable yet vibrant family of 4, I have a ton of friends for them to get acquainted with 🙂

    I think Space Cadet and Hot Pink could really brighten up some of the parents who are hanging out with me right now. With the cooler months here, we’ve opted for more moody looks but with a caribbean vacation around the corner, these two are sure to shine some positive light on the other colours. Besides, what parents don’t deserve a sunny retreat away from the kids?

    Hot Stuff and Blue Collar will be amazed by the sheer amount of friends that they’ll meet and experiment with. Who doesn’t love hanging out and trading styles with new friends? I’m thinking my crackle polishes and Hot Stuff would get along great. Blue Collar is sure to be a hit with the ladies, he’s cool, he’s chill, he’ll have no problem finding a good match!

    With the parents on vacation, who knows what these crazy kids will get up to 😉

    I welcome you all into my home with open arms and colourful nails!

  39. Sally Eden says:

    Hello Orly family.
    I would love to adopt you! With the recent tornado in our area we’ve all come together as a community and helped out each other. We’ve all learned how to get through challenges rough and tough. I feel with this recent experience I could give you a great home. A home where you would be loved. Whats mine is yours. I have two boys who would help take care of you as well. Hugs. xoxo

  40. homia says:

    Hello Orly family

    I would so love to be able to have you as an addition to my family as my family members do not currently consist of any one from the orly family. You would be well recieved…I love nail polish and polish my nails every other day.

    Please come home, and hope to see you soon.

  41. Lisa says:

    I would be more than happy to welcome these polishes into my family. It is terrible to be abandoned, and I know that if this family was to be taken into my care that I would never neglect them and would proudly display them and show them off for the entire world to see. Not only would this family be a unique and wonderful addition to my own family, but they would be well cared for. Their needs will be honored: they will have shelter, medicine to calm their stomachs when they’re feeling thick and goopy, to play with them and let them shine, and of course, they will be among friends so they will never be lonely. If given the chance, I promise to be the best parent I can be to them and to love them immensely, the way each and every polish deserves to be loved.

  42. Mary says:

    Every Monday moring the ladies at work all rush to see what polishes I have presented for the week. I spend hours with my polish family members every weekend showing them off in new and clever ways on both my nails and my daughters.

    I would love to adopt new members into my family, and guaranteed, they would never go unnoticed or simply applied like other polishes. My polishes are works of art waiting a chance to be put on display.

    I would love to have you join my family and live the life you were meant to live. The limelight. That’s where you belong.

  43. Talitha says:

    Hi, I am a 17 year old mother of a vast collection of nail polishes, living in California. I was on my way to make my first Orly purchase from Ulta and was checking out some swatches when I came across this website, and I thought “wow it must be fate”. Fate that wants me to adopt a family of nail polish in need instead of going out and purchasing a brand new one that will probably find a wonderful home with or without me. I want to adopt this family because I see a beauty in them others didn’t; I want to show them that that they are wanted and that they will be loved. They will have a wonderful life with me here in the beautiful state of California, where there is plenty of sun to show off their unique beauty. I promise to wear each and every one of these beauties on both fingers and toes and to flaunt them like they deserve it. I am a teen who is constantly doing something fun and exciting so these polishes will get to experience everything they feel they have missed out on, I will take them on a tour of Hollywood and to the theme parks beautiful California offers. I come from a family that loves to travel and I promise to never leave behind this beautiful Orly family, they will come with me to France, England, Italy, Mexico, Hawaii, and I will never separate them. They will get their very own special place on the top shelf of a beautiful apartment (aka shelf of nail polish) where rows of Zoyas, Essies, OPIs and local brands reside. They will make friends and will finally get the love and attention they deserve. As you can see my polishes are my babies and giving me this precious family would mean the world to me.

  44. Caroline says:

    I would give this wonderfully beautiful nail polish family the most best home because i absolutely love nail polish, with all my heart. These four people deserve someone who can care for them and i can do that. I would show people out there that these colors are truly amazing. Also I have a LOT of who come over and do nails with me and they would be socialize with other nail polishes and be happy.

  45. Angie says:

    My name is Angie.
    I may be 17 but my moms really wants more children.
    But were willing to adopt the whole family.
    We will git it a good home they will have 160 brothers and sisters and grandmas to.
    They will always be loved.
    We will ever neglect them.

  46. Alyssa says:

    I would love to take in this needy family. I have a small nail polish collection, insuring that there will be plenty of room in my house (and heart) for this entire family. I absolutely love all nail polish and will dote on this family with an incredible amount of love, attention and affection. All my nail polish is treated with great care and none of them has ever suffered injury. I also make sure that all my nail polish gets equal time with me so that no one can feel that they are abandoned or that another is spoiled. I would make the best home for these polishes.

  47. Karlee Ainslie says:

    It breaks my heart to read about the trying times the Orly’s family are going through. with the holiday season just around the corner no family should be forgotten – most definetly a family with two beautiful children.
    I recently ran into two other family members of the Orly’s that I took into my home, they can vouche for me. As they have been extremely happy making their way around town and being shown, and displayed to the most fabulous people in the city.
    Together, we can reunite this family and make them feel special again – and give them, their forever home <3

  48. Amanda says:

    My polish children have been begging for some new pink siblings! All of my polish children are loved and taken care of and worn with the utmost care. The only thing missing is more pink and red polishes. And blue is my favorite color. But I would never play favorites and treat them all with love and respect.

  49. Lydia says:

    I’m here to help this family of four! Just because you fell on hard times doesnt mean that someone shouldnt be there to lend you a helping hand. And thankfully, I have two! With ten fingers, and even ten toes to paint you all on!
    I also like to dabble in a little nail art, for those nights when you’d like to take the lady out dancing!

  50. Lisa says:

    You all will shine on al my 20 nails. You also are the first Orly polishes in my stash. That makes it even more exciting because you will come as a family and meet many other really cool ones.

    I hope you would pick me as your host family! I am sure we will have a great time!!

  51. Ana says:

    Im a almost 23 yr old gal ( bday Nov. 22 )
    loving nail polish enthusiast , with high morals and
    values towards all nail polish them being cheap or
    expensive my heart sees no difference & gives equal love
    and attention to every1 of them.
    I will be a gr8 parent for you 4 by giving you attention, care and <3
    theres always space in my <3 and polish family for one more.
    You will be cared for and pampered , and will not be mistreated or abused at all.
    If you come and form part of the family my upcomming bday will be the best event to present you to the world & all your brothers and sisters <3.
    If Im not choosen Im pretty sure there will be a lovely home as well awating your arrival.

    With Love

  52. Emma Hickey says:

    The Orly’s are more than welcome in my home. I may be a poor student, but I take such good care of all of my polishes, the Orly’s will find a spacious, ‘polish only’ shelf where they will meet others of their kind (though there is only a single other Orly). I promise to protect their fragile bodies from my mischevious kitty, and they will find cozy homes on all ten fingers and ten toes.

    With me, the Orly’s would be adorned with leopard print, zebra print, roses, moustaches and glitter. No Orly will have to go out on the town under dressed, and while it is chilly up here in the great white north, the Orly’s will be comfortable under many hand made mittens.

    With me, all Orly’s will receive a good education as they follow me to classes and help me take notes. They might even have something to contribute to an essay or do, though I would never use them to cheat (can you imagine painting cheat notes on your nails? it has crossed my mind…)

    The Orly’s would be a much appreciated and unique addition to my collection. They will always be in the spotlight: in fact, if and when they arrive on my doorstep, that very day they will be swatched and find themselves on the front page of my blog.

    Be strong dear Orly’s! Hopefully I will hold you in my arms soon <3

  53. Jennifer Tapia says:

    I would love to add this cute family to my ever expanding polish family! They could share self space with the china glaze sisters and sinful colors group! They will get plenty of attention from Me and all my friends that come to get pampered by beautiful polishes like them!

  54. Jenny says:

    I’ve been looking for some Orlys just like you! I’ve searched high and low but I have come to no avail (until now that is).

    I have a luxury three floor polish rack that is itching for some polishes to occupy its empty space! I can provide quality homes for each polish– my nails! (haha i’m so funny, i make myself laugh)

    I’m already sheltering a couple of nice little ones, and it looks like we need some good parents to take good care of them.

  55. Gracen says:

    It would be an honor if I were chosen to give these polishes a home.

    I have more than enough space in my home and heart for such a beautiful family. I can guarantee that each polish will get as much love and attention as they would if they were the only polish I had to care for. I would be so proud of their special abilities and show them off to my friends on Facebook and Tumblr all the time. I will encourage them to be the best polishes they can be. They have plenty of new polishes to meet and will never get bored or lonely in their new home.

    They would have plenty of fun up here in Minnesota, having snowball fights in the winter and roaming around the Mall of America, going to concerts and creating art, going on walks around the many lakes and fending off mosquitoes. They would also travel with me and experience the world.

    I have been looking for a family of polishes just like these for quite a while and truly feel that we would be a perfect fit together.

  56. Dixy L says:

    I have never had an Orly i didn’t like. I am only 17, i live in Texas and im an addict to nail polishes. As any other teenager i love painting my nails, i love trying new nail polishes and always creating new fun designs. I find it a hobbby to do my nails every other week, its part of my daily week routine. I also find it fun when i do my family and friends nails, always excited to show them all my new creations and test them. The Orly family will be surely loved in my hands. The Orlys will have very much fun in Texas, Beautiful sunny weather. They’ll look great with all the sparkle and Big hair Texas has to offer. The Orlys will get lots and lots of pictures taken and be added to my list of favorites and i will be sure to post swatches of each beautiful Orly on the AdoptAPolish page on Facebook. Will hope to see the Orlys soon!

  57. Tiffany says:

    I’m new to the nail polish obsession and am continuously looking for new polishes to enjoy! I change my nails up about two to three times a week so this family will definitely get used! I also need lots of practice so I always do my family and friends nails. They adore all the designs I do! I’m also from the Bay Area where there’s a lot of night clubs filled with dancing, so the parents will really enjoy themselves with me. The kids can even be babysat by one of my younger cousins playing a bunch of board games and watching TV together! This family will not be disappointed if they come to live with me (:

  58. I know that hosting a family of four can be a handful. Luckily for me, I have ten fingers! That’s two fingers for each member and I even have two extra if Mama and Papa decide to have another little one.
    If sister and brother would like to live the life of stars and have their pictures admired on the internett, that would be no problem! I’ve take loads of lovely pictures and make sure that the world really seems them for who they really are!
    And space won’t be a problem. The family can have their own little cozy house with lots of nice neighbours. Like the OPIs, or the Zoya family.
    I think the Orlys would love, and definitely deserve, the life I could give them!

  59. Nicole M says:

    My (blog) partner Amanda and I have been trying for an ORLY for quite some time now. After undergoing expensive IVF (international vendors fees) treatments and trying to match up our (payday) cycles to try to conceive an ORLY, it has still proven impossible. Here in Canada it is so rare to come across an ORLY in store, which is why we’ve entered this international adoption pool. Please help us complete our humble family and know that these ORLYs will be treated by the kindest of people and will hold a very special place in our hearts.

  60. Barclay Rose says:

    The sweet little Orly family will never have to worry about being without a comfy home again. Unlike all the cold, steely Helmers or the sterile plastic Rubbermaid storage containers in this world, I forcefully coaxed my darling husband to construct a WOODEN cabinet with 8 cozy, pine drawers just for my treasured bottles.
    The Orlys would fit right in – about a week ago, I was perusing CraigsList and answered a tragic posting from a lovely young lady who had to liquidate 40 of her favorite shades to make ends meet and of course, make room for more. I happily took them off her hands, and the Orly’s will be happy to snuggle up right to their fellow transplants in my quaint wooden drawers! (I mean in the cabinet. Not in my underwear. No need to alert any social workers)
    The little ones seem delightful. Fun and wild without being too loud. Mama is, of course, more lovely than she knows, and I find it shameful that I saw not ONE SWATCH when I googled her. And of course, Papa Bear. Space Cadet knows how special he is. I’ll make sure he has a distinguished place next to his old long-lost frat brother, It’s Not Rocket Science.

  61. Kate says:

    Dear Orlys,

    Unlike many wishful adopters, I am not a nail polish “addict.” I do not hoard polishes and keep them in crazy packed containers. You would have plenty of room to move on in to my life. You would not be adopted and forgotten. Parts of your family would not be swooned over and showered with love. I would love each and every one of you and provide you with the individual and familial love you need and deserve.

    You will move in to a spacious abode and you will be able to make modifications for your family as you saw fit. Mr. Orly Space Cadet, you would be provided with various employment opportunities including heading the nail polish space program. This program is developing new technologies to create safer polish shipping for international airmail flights. You would be able to help others and provide for your family.

    Mrs. Orly Hot Pink, you have not been given the recognition and glory that you deserve. You will be able to raise your family in a safe neighborhood. Your children will go to wonderful schools, and you will be able to take Blue Collar on playdates with the other polish mommas in the neighborhood. You will also be able to go out dancing and have many luxurious dates with your husband. I also heard a vacation for you may be in the works;)

    I hope you will consider the opportunities and love that await you if you would choose to be adopted by me.

    Love always & forever,

  62. Sidney says:

    I know a family of four is a big load to adopt, but I also know that I can afford to support them everyday because I always take all my babies for a walk interchangeably every other day. In other words, I never leave my house without them because I’d feel naked without them.
    Moreover, I always put on beautiful clothes on them with cute yet elegant design. Also, according to my experience, I know that Orly family will never disappoint me. They show really good attitude when I’m dressing them. I show them off in my blog whenever I post my outfit of the day. They can be seen here.
    Last but not least, I never let my babies sleep in a dark and unventilated box. I have a special clear acrylic wall rack with lots of empty spaces mounted in my living room, so that all my guests can see their beautiful existence. All my guests will always compliment their colorful and cheerful appearance in my house.

    I know that they will be very happy to be adopted by me 🙂

  63. Sidney says:

    I know a family of four is a big load to adopt, but I also know that I can afford to support them everyday because I always take all my babies for a walk interchangeably every other day. In other words, I never leave my house without them because I’d feel naked without them.
    Moreover, I always put on beautiful clothes on them with cute yet elegant design. Also, according to my experience, I know that Orly family will never disappoint me. They show really good attitude when I’m dressing them. I show them off in my blog whenever I post my outfit of the day. They can be seen here.
    Last but not least, I never let my babies sleep in a dark and unventilated box. I have a special clear acrylic wall rack with lots of empty spaces mounted in my living room, so that all my guests can see their beautiful existence. All my guests will always compliment their colorful and cheerful appearance in my house.

    I know that they will be very happy to be adopted by me 🙂

  64. Barb McGregor says:

    Why Hello Orly Family!! I would love to bring all of you into my home and welcome you with open arms! You’ll be in the company of some other Orly members I’ve acquired recently as well as some Zoya and Sinful Colors. Also, Sally Hansen is a regular and would love to meet you guys 🙂

    I almost always post pictures on my Facebook account of my manicures so you would definitely be out there meeting new people and mingling.

    Please, come over and give us a go!

  65. Pryanka says:

    I would love to adopt this family of four. The Orly’s would be treated royalty within my collection. They would be the only Orly’s I have owned, and as the first in my collection, they will always have a treasured spot. I would rave about them in my blog. I’m even considering featuring them in my stories, in fact. How cute would a nail polish themed chaptered story be? VERY cute if it featured these four. In fact, allowing me to adopt them ensures that they will be PIONEERS in the storytelling field. The unsung heroes of nail polish colors.

    They deserve a home with exclusivity. I have that.

    They deserve the utmost luxury. My display shelves, homemade with love and adorned with my own creative photoshopped designs, can provide them that.

    They deserve recognition. My blogs and my stories will give them that.

    With me, they will have everything!

  66. ayaaaaa says:

    i’m an adopted child too, but i grew up loved and enjoyed my life. i’d love to be able to give the same love and happiness to another family!

  67. Bettynova says:

    Hello Orly family

    I would like to invite all four of you to my home.
    I live in a nice house with a big garden where Mr Orly could watch the stars in the space at night. Also I work in the City so me and Mrs Orly could go out shopping, watch a movie or just have a girls night out.
    You don’t have to worry about the children either because I have some great schools around my area. And if you want to share your experiences with the loved ones, you could easily do via my blog where I post about make-up and other stuff. 🙂

    See you soon

  68. Samantha says:

    reading this story broke my heart, why would someone ever abandon the Orly’s family. The Orly’s would feel right at home when with me, i would show them off to all my friends and family and take them out on nice walks along the beach and in the town.

    The Orly’s and myself would take a bunch of pictures and post them on Facebook to let everyone know that we are INSEPARABLE. I would love to give them a nice loving home and show everyone what the Orly’s are really made of!

    See you soon my friends, xox

  69. Hannah says:

    I am a single student who loves nail art and plain solid colors too! Because I’m pretty young I have plenty of room for company (my stash is less than 50 bottles) so there will be no more cold nights out on the streets. I am a lover of pinks so Momma Hot Pink will have tons of opportunities to be swatched on my blog!
    Space Cadet Daddy will also have a friend to chill with and kick back with – his name is Lunar Eclispe, and he too was a rescue. He was found at Sally’s under tons of China Glazes and was listed at a “Reduced Price”. How unfortunate! I’m sure you guys will be best buds – you both are awesome duochromes!
    As for Baby Blue Collar and Hot Stuff, I believe their Aunt Green with Envy and Uncle Royal Navy are anxious to catch up! They’ve missed too many birthdays and have tons of gifts to give!
    Along with their aunt and uncle there are a few more Orlys at my place who are anxious to catch up! I hope you lovely Orlies come to stay for a while!

  70. Reilly says:

    Orly Family, I know what it’s like to live with hardships and challenges. Luckily, I have found ways to make life seem better and brighter even in difficult times.
    I nice manicure on my nails is where you would be shown off, along with sitting in an organized polish shelf, mingling with polishes from all over the world!
    Think about it: You’re children will have the amazing experience of getting to know some OPI’s, Essie bottles, and a nice China Glaze here and there.
    I’m just letting you know that my house, heart, and polish rack always have room for more <3

  71. cindy hollett says:

    i’ve never known a orly polish………when hard times hit we have to accept help from others…a family like mine to care and apply you…you are absolutly a joyess family…i would never split you up….keep you all together on a pedestel… arms are open…run to me………

  72. Anna says:

    I am an aspiring Fashion Designer, currently student, thus I am always in need of looking fabulous, nails included! I am very artsy fartsy when it comes to the nail designs I create to match my killer outfits, therefore I know these polishes would do wonders to my already growing collection or “fashion polish” as I like to call them. I promise to show what I’ve done with these polishes and thank “Adopt a polish” once I become a famous designer. 🙂

  73. maria says:

    At 35 i’m still single and i feel i am ready for the responsibility of a nailpolish family. I would spend time with them after work and show them a good time on the weekends!

  74. Audrey Anger says:

    I would love these polishes like they were my own! As a childless woman, I am able to devote much of my time to loving polishes in need. My polish closet is warm and full of friends to socialize with!

  75. Linda says:

    I love polish. My polish family used to be so little. I would find bottles of fabulous colors sitting all by themselves and the store and just had to pick them up. Who could leave such beautiful things by themselves? Picking up all those abandoned polishes has definitely caused my family to surpass being little. My family is always growing and is getting a new living situation soon. Just ordered a rack so they don’t have to hide in boxes anymore. They would be able to shine on my nails and on my wall. Not only would people get to see them up close and personal but they can also see them via internet. I run a blog and a tutorial youtube and I love flaunting their beautiful colors. Not only would they be flaunted on my nails but on others as well. I paint my friends nails all the time and they are always looking to see what new polishes I have. I have also been looking for other brands that I don’t have yet and Orly is one of them. I’ve been longing to have a few Orly’s to hold and cherish. My polish family is lacking diversity and I’d love this Orly to be one of the first new kinds in my home. <3

  76. Brenda says:

    I may be young, but I know how to take good care of my polish children. I own quite a few China Glaze and OPI but I believe an ORLY family in my collection will be welcomed by the others. There’s always room for my in my house of polishes, plus enough breathing room to play around in. I am a nail polish lover and treats each one like diamonds since nail polish is the one thing I can truly take care of by myself. I want to be able to help the father of this family make the promise to his wife come true. Not only will she be on facebook, but also used in tutorials. I promise to teach the children well, and show the entire family a brighter side of the nail polish families. Having this ORLY family would ensure them a brighter future and friendly neighbors who they can count on.

  77. Juana says:

    I cant imagine the hardships this family has gone through. Nobody should ever be subjected to not being able to provide for their family, NOBODY. Adopting a family is hard work, but im just the type of person with the drawer~er heart~ to do it.

  78. Katelynn says:

    There is only one polish from the ORLY family that currently resides in my collective family. To be able to add four wonderful polishes to keep Dazzle company would make my day, and Dazzle’s.

    The reason that I should be the one to adopt these lovely family is not because I will put swatches up, it’s not because I will take each of them out individually, and as a group multiple times, and it’s not because they will fit perfectly within my family of polishes.

    I live on a floor with 20 other girls who LOVE to love nail polish. So, not only will the ORLY family enjoy the company of my own personal nail polish family – but they will also be able to have parties with other polish families. They will have the luxury of resting with other families in places that provide only the utmost care to nail polishes.

    All the polish family ‘mothers’ as I like to call them are also near and dear to my heart – so I know that if the ORLY family visits they will get taken out, and treated as any VIP polish should.

    My floor sisters and I ensure that each polish is well-loved and time is spent equally on each of them.

    I would love to welcome the ORLY’s into my family.

  79. Meredith says:

    You adorable Orlies! I would love to bring you home with me and show you off to all my friends in the high school jungle. I will mix you and match you on my fingers but always keep you together with a family of my other colors. They will keep you company and love you forever.

  80. Joy Ella says:

    I have never owned or tried an Orly polish before but I am eager to get to know this family. I definitely have just the spot for them to live in my meticulously organized nail polish & art collection. They will be used often, not just on my own nails but as a lucrative addition contributing to my hand-painted nail art manicure sets (Etsy shop opening soon! Check out the blog to see my devotion to nail art!).
    I see each of my nails as a tiny blank canvas and creating each manicure on myself and on others is a creative artistic process that I enjoy only too much.
    In short, I have not owned any of the above polishes before (nor do I now), I will make sure each one is used often (at LEAST 1/week as this has become a full time hobby for me!), and that they will never end up in the back of a closet, bottom of a suitcase, or inside of a trash can (I have never thrown away a polish before! They are used to the last drop!).
    I hope to meet this new family soon but if I do not get the opportunity, I’m glad they found a family out there somewhere!


  81. Elise says:

    Such a sad story. Makes me want to cry. That dear little family out in the hard, harsh streets! With gang fights and deaths everywhere they look! Oh no! It is too horrible! I am glad that the family is for adoption and is not being split up – that would be horrible! I cannot imagine the fright of the children and the worry of their poor mother. And poor dad! He feels responsible! Quick! Someone adopt them before he decides it is just not worth it anymore! Oh! Save them!

  82. julia says:

    Dear Orly family,
    You’ve been through hard times, and I understand.
    We have moved many times, and I understand how you feel about being parted with prized possessions, in your case your owners…

    Mrs. Orly, having a blog about nail art, you and your daughter would be featured in many of my designs. Hot Stuff will probably be the best of friends with Purple Crush one of Mr. Fresh from the Happy Go-Lucky collections daughter, who is also a teenager.

    Baby Blue from going through so much trauma st a young age, will be handled with care.

    Mr. Orly we have a treat for you! The house you will be staying at has music on 24-7. If you wanted a romantic dinner with Hot Pink a classic symphony or maybe Claire De Lune would be played to set the mood, or if you ever wanted to strut your stuff on the dance floor, electro, pop, or rock would be played.

    I know Mr. Orly that you haven’t been able to provide what you needed for your family, but I’m sure with this opportunity you for sure will provide everything your family needs.

    With cool conditions so your life in the bottle will last long, top of the notch security system, and no “mattifiers” to make you lose your personality I think you will enjoy this house greatly!

  83. Olivia says:

    Dear Orly Family,
    I have long looked for a wonderful set like you! I love doing nail art and always encase my polish family with a OPI nail envy base and a seche vite top coat! Only the best for my babies! I promise to upload your pictures to facebook to show everyone how beautiful you all are. Of course this beautiful family will have their own special place in my meticulously organized air-conditioned cabinet. I can assure your family I don’t have any colors that look like them so they will be used as often as possible or even more than that! To uliminate sibling rivalry I will use the adorable blue collar and the beautiful hot stuff in water marbling and even the pacman manicure that I have been dying to do. As for the beautiful pair of mother and father, I will use mr. Space cadet as a base and the super-model tall pink’s nail art brush to make wonderful stripes. I hope this tragic family can join my collection!

  84. Desiree says:

    I recently broke my horrid nail biting habit and I’m addicted to painting my nails now. I’m a mother of 3 [stressful stuff] painting my nails and looking for new nail art ideas is my little 5 minute get away. I would take very good care of the Orly family. I know my daughter would love the amazing colors as well.

  85. Sue says:

    Please can you do this with new zealand too! PLEEAASEE i would love this to happen in new zealand.i really want to adopt a nail polish! <3

  86. Lexi says:

    I would do anything to have this wonderful family of polishes! They deserve a loving home like any other polish. The kids could play with the others that have been recently brought into the world<3 Your family is bright and vibrant and don't need to be sad anymore, you deserve the best and I can give that to you. I do love nail art, and you would be perfect for it! I would love to have you all to enlarge my family of polishes. You four are definitely some of the gorgeous polishes I have ever seen, and I would love to see you displayed on my work station everyday! You're definitely an eye catcher, and I can only imagine what you would look like on my nails! Hopefully you can see how much I want you in my home! ~lots of love, lexi<3

  87. Ali says:

    I am a lively teenager who loves a party on her nails. I cannot stand bare nails, and I have been itching for new polishes. I do tons of nail art and would love to see these lovelies transformed in polka dots and stripes, zebra print and leopard spots, or a gradient with glitter. I want them to join my neighborhood of other polishes and have the family life they deserve. Thank you.

  88. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I’m Jenn, your (hopefully) soon to be mama! <3
    I honestly cannot imagine a fate more tragic than your own, to be abandoned and neglected in the prime of your lives. Just the other day I was considering adopting a dog, but after hearing your story, I have decided that this is definitely a more worthy case.

    I'm currently still a student which means you all will be seen and admired by hundreds of people every day in school. I promise to dress you all up every day in hundreds of different konad outfits and to teach the young ones how to help other polishes and how to get along with other shades.

    I already have upwards of 30 other friendly polishes at home. They are very welcoming and sweet. There are old but classic polishes as well as young and trendy polishes, all of which get along with other polishes and strangers very well.

    I promise to take care of you all to the very end, in sickness and in health, in smooth consistencies and in sticky situations. When your feeling sad, I'll cheer you up and take your shopping, when your feeling grumpy and lumpy and buy you polish thinner. No matter what happens I promise to always be their for you all.

    I can't wait to meet you, I've been waiting for an opportunity like this all my life and cannot believe that it is here.

    Love you all already,
    Jennifer <3

  89. Anna says:

    I would love to adopt this family of four. They would make a great addition to my collection. They will have plently opportunity to shine because me and my twin sister are polish addicts. Please come join us! We promise to love and cherish all of you.

    Anna and Annie

  90. Shana Whittingham says:


    I’m most certainly interested in taking the responsibility of caring for this beautiful family. I can never have enough. I already have a neighborhood of families they can join and never be alone. I also would love to paint a “nail art portrait” of all 4 colors together. Something they would really like. I’ll be sure to send you guys a picture if given the opportunity to adopt this loving family.

    I hope to see you soon and will be sure to keep you safe!

    love Shana

  91. becca says:

    me and my friends get together every tuesday and paint our nails. were also very fun people. we do quite a bit of dancing and travel alot. not to mention the fact that i paint my nails every day, legit everyday. these guys will get loads of attention if they come home with me, and they will get all the exercise they need. 🙂

  92. Mary Mills says:

    Oh Orly family!
    I truly feel for you due to your situation, but I can’t help but feel short of ecstatic due to the new opportunities that await you! While your old family may have left you four behind, I vow that if I am chosen to be graced by all of you, that would never happen.

    Being a polish connoisseur, this family would be put into a much-loving home. They would be welcomed by my three clear containers full of polishes proudly displayed on a piano bench in my living room. They would make so many new friends!
    And no need to worry about being underused! The father would have a new job as a wonderful base to a spaced out galaxy mani, while I feel the mother would enjoy being apart of a pink-glitter gradient. As for the young brother? A winter theme! What male child doesn’t love making snowmen and pelting family with snowballs in the clear blue sky? Finally, I’m sure the daughter would love to be a set of beautiful petals on a floral mani, accented with sparkling gems.

    The polishes would get much love, and travel far! Did I mention as a teenager I have an up-and-coming Etsy account and I paint my peer’s nails for profit? No? Well of course! And due to this, the family would get a lot of travel and vacation time.
    Can’t wait to care for you!
    Love always,

  93. Alexandra says:

    I just know this is fate! Hot stuff, I can relate! I’m a teenage girl myself, and I know, girls just want to have fun! And you will definately have that with me! I love partying and having girls nights with my friends!

    BUT… mum and dad? Will it all be too much for them? No worries! I’m a good student at school and I spend at least 2 hours a day at the library! I’ll be getting my study on while you guys have some relaxing time in the nice, cool library 🙂

    And little blue collar, with endless energy, don’t worry I play handball every lunch and love to have fun like a little kid, so life wont be boring! 🙂

    And don’t worry, I’ll take care of you guys and your home in the bottle! Being just a teen myself, I don’t have much money to buy a bunch of nail polishes, so you wont be crowded! You’ll have your own little box to go to bed at night and have some family time 🙂

    And when I finally have the pleasure of having you on my nails, you’ll love it! I take great care of my nails and cuticles, so no problems there! Plus there’s my looooove of nail art, I try to resist but I just can’t and I end up doing my nails at least 3 times a week! I know.. I’m a little obsessed.. But you DEFINATELY wont be neglected!

    Anyway, there’s not much else I can say other than how awesome your life will be if I can adopt you, and how happy you guys will make me! Hope to see you guys soon!

    – Alexandra

  94. Sage says:

    I’m a high school senior who works at a sleepaway camp (and I still do my nails every 3-4 days there) and is going to college next year. These colors will get lots of attention as I love to do my nails so often and I’m notorious for having clever designs and crazy colors. I would show them compassion and love and they would find a happy home among my other colors!

  95. Kimberly says:

    wow, poor family. I’ll take dad & mom with me when i go shopping. I’ll look out for good jobs for them so they make a lot of money & I’ll be a good friend to Hot Stuff & introduce her to my popular nailpolishes so she will get the attention she deserves. I’ll take care of Bleu Collar : watch if he gets enough sleep every day & when he cries, i’ll just put im in a nice hot bath so he would fall asleep. They’ll all get the attention they deserve & life will be amazing! I ‘ll give them all my love and support, so they work for their own life with my help. Mom, you will have nice walks and live like a queen.

  96. Wendy says:

    I would love to adopt the Orly family. I am a nail polish lover and constantly changing my nail polish (2-4 times a week). Though most of the time I change my own polish, I also like to do my mom and sister’s nails when they allow me to. I am currently returned back to college (I’m 25) and my nails get noticed a lot especially when I raise my hand to answer questions. I have a 3 year old little boy who likes when I paint my nails and even puts in special requests for a specific color. I’ve also come to realize that painting my nails is a great learning tool for him to practice his colors.
    I would be honored to take in this adorable family.

  97. Breann says:

    I would love to welcome this family into my home. It would be a perfect match b/c I just recently moved 1500 miles away from all my family and friends, and I get real lonely most of the time. I also loveeeee to paint my piggies and fingers a lot myself b/c manicures at the salon are no longer in my budget 🙁 so with that being said I think this is the perfect fit and I wont be sad and lonely anymore.
    Ps I have a lot in common with the daughter(i live for pink)!!!
    Xoooo Breann

  98. Alisa A says:

    Dear Orly family,

    I know how hard things can be for a family of four during the holidays when you feel down and out. I am a single mother of a four year old girl who loves pink and nail polish, as a family We may not have much money, but one of the things we get to do together is invite all of our girlfriends (young and old) over for nail polish parties.

    Imagine, your family would be THE STARS of all our polish parties and special events!! You would be welcomed with all ten fingers and ten toes, by every little girl and woman in attendance! You would get to be shown off in Facebook family photos,the park, nightclubs, restaurants, ballet classes, daycare and even the local college and more!

    The best part Orly family is that you will not be lost in a sea of other nail polishes, but more like joining a select family of very very well loved and frequently used polishes. With us I can guarantee you will not be stuffed in a three draw file cabinet, stuffed into over packed storage spaces of hundreds of other polishes left in the dark.. You will be used in countless manicures and pedicures, used to make neat nail art and bring joy to my daughter my friends and our humble little family.

    We also would like you to know that if you decide to move in with us Orly family, we promise to fulfill your promise to Mrs. Orly and feature your entire family on the Facebook of our page, and all of the attendees of our next polish party! Also we will be taking the time to acknowledge your harrowing story and how you came to be with us through this wonderful site.

    We look forward to your decision, and hope to add you to our small but loving home.

  99. Kayla says:

    I think these polishes will fit in perfect with my current ones. I’ve just recently started building my collection so its still small, but these colors would liven it up. I love these colors and can already imagine the amazing gradients and fun ideas they will bring to my nail polish family. I live in Florida so flip flops are pretty much all I wear, and I try to change up my toe nails once a week with some design.

  100. courtney says:

    I’m a teenage girl, which means I’m everywhere at once! I’m out with friends, taking pictures and putting it on facebook, going for walks on the beach..etc. I’d love to adopt this family and give them the best care. Wearing them each specially and in a different way with love

  101. Zsofi says:

    Dear Orlies,

    I’m a 26 year old hungarian girl, who recently fell in love with nail art designs.
    When I was a little girl, I used to bite my nails, and this bad habit accompanied me through long years. In the last few years I could finally quit this, and I have decided to do something interesting with my nails – to make it worth to not to bite them anymore.
    I watched over hundreds of nail art tutorial videos, and started to collect nail polishes to develop myself in painting – which is also a big thing for me, as I’m absolutely new to it and I never had special talent in painting or drawing 🙂 My granny also would be really proud of me, as she was the only artistic person in my family, and it’s a great feeling 🙂

    So the main reason why you would feel yourself good in my home – because I would like to share my first steps in real nail art with you, and I believe that it would be awesome to try out new things together. Also I’m really caring and have patience to show you how wide the nail art designs’ world is.

    Hope to see you soon, best,


  102. Allison Magyar says:

    I felt my heart break when I saw you four just sitting on the road, helpless. It doesn’t look like youre in a safe neighboorhood right now, judging from the poor cherry red polish laying on the ground. That poor cherry polish must have gotten thrown around from the previous care-taker.
    Poor Blue Collar Baby Boy, having to watch their house being taken away. He probably doesn’t even understand. Hopefully Hot stuff explained it to him nicely…
    But, unforantly Hot Stuff isn’t taking this well. Shes’ so embarrsed that shes dropping out of beauty school. Hot Stuff decided she wanted to just let herself dry out.
    Hot Pink doesn’t know what to do I’m sure shes totally stressed. Shes so in love with the color Space Cadet she doesn’t ever want to leave him. She still believes there a happy family.
    Space Cadet is bring this on himself, he feels like its his fault. He doesn’t know who can help him get his family in better conditions…
    No more worries! I’m Allison, a nail polish enthusiast! I love all my polishes equally and I never go with my nails un-painted as a promise to my lovely polishes that they ALWAYS have a chance! I believe the more, the merrier. I would be blessed to take in the poor family. I see so much potential in them. I want Hot Stuff and Blue Collar to have a bright future.

  103. Naomi says:

    I am a new mother hoping to adopt more! I just recently came out of rehab for nail biting and am currently growing my family of polishes. The Orly family would be incredibly welcome as my own family is still small. My family helps me incredibly and supports me to not go back to my nail biting ways. I don’t have a blog or a website but the Orly family might inspire me to begin one! I do love the art my family helps me produce and the Orlys I’m sure would bring me many creative ideas! Thank you for considering me in this adoption.

  104. gibberish says:

    Since my daughters have grown up and moved away, I have become an empty nester. Along with the pluses this brings, it has also left a large hole in my life. Extra space in the medicine chest, more bathroom/mirror time and more shoe storage is now my reality. Unfortunately, my daughters took their nail polishes with them and I find a need for some new ones. What better way than adoption?
    I offer a clean environment, trendy clothing to pair with, lots of space, daily walks and regular shopping time. I’d be delighted to meet my new little darling! Twins would be even better!

  105. Ashanti says:

    By looking at the picture, it seems that the nail polish family needs to be in a home where they are all loved, and cared for equally the same. There would be no fighting for a cool enviorment, or no worries of drying out.

    Each bottle will have their own slot, and will get a monthly cleaning to ensure they stay in excellent condition. Because in the end, nail polish are people too :)Being a college student I have time and priority on my hands to look after the things that are important to me. Like my nail polish.

    This diverse family will join their cousins OPI, and china glaze at a reunion at my homemade nail polish rack. A true lover of color and design will apprectiate this gift of new life and whoever is around to benefit from the gifts also. The fact of the matter is that I have an obsession, and obsession to paint nails, paint others nails, think about painting others nails, and think of new ideas to paint nails. The family would be so loved, they might get lucky and be worn the very day I recieve them (hopefully).

    They seem like a vibrant bunch that will continue to make an imprint on the world each time they make an appearance.Although I do not want to intrude on ms.wifey, I will love every one till death do us part, because unless something drastic happens, this family will not have any worries in the world.I also live on my own, have a huge space for ALL of my polishes to roam around free and spread their brushes.

    Im a polish mama that loves all her polish babies that is willing to open her arms, and new space on my rack, for any abandoned,lost,no longer used polishes that want to go to a home where they will be used and loved on a daily basis.Perks for mommy and daddy would be frequent trips on mysself, and my mom’d toes 🙂 we love colors that make a statement, and sometimes when your a parent, you kind of have to. Now brother and sister I would take to the mall, beach, or in the cold where you wanna be warm but fashionable and chic at the same time, With so much potential I could give this wonderful family of four, I hope I am honored to adopt 🙂 and give them a life that is full of cuticle oil, tbase and top coats, and a whole lot of lotion and love <3

  106. tal says:

    I would love to welcome the lovely Orlys into my collection. As a young nail polish enthusiast, I own about seventy bottles, but I care carefully for each one, arranging it carefully on my desk. The Orly family would claim a special spot next to their long-lost cousin, Charged Up Orly. I guarantee they would get along swimmingly – Charged Up would look fantastic layered under Mr. Orly, neatly striped with little Blue Collar, dotted over Hot Stuff, or creating a plaid with Mrs. Orly.

    Nail art is one of my favorite hobbies, and I can see that Mrs. Orly shares my love for creativity – she is labeled “instant artist!” And one of the Orly family (after they are adjusted to my home, of course) might even have the honor of being the first color used to test out my new Konad plate! Obviously, a polish that assisted me in rising to a whole new level of nail art prowess, as well as its family, would live on in fame even after it becomes old and gray (or pink or purple or blue, as the case may be.)

    Once on my nails, the Orlys would have the pleasure of accompanying me when I go to my dance classes and on walks through the verdant hills of my rural area. (Color reference for the verdant hills – looking out my window this evening, the grass is a similar hue to China Glaze Holly-Days [from their new collection], scattered with several autumn leaves that remind me of Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice.) And the whole clan would be shown off to all my Facebook and school friends as well the nail polish enthusiasts in my family.

    As for the formula, 3-free is perfect for me – I’m health-conscious, but I’m not concerned that the Orlys aren’t vegan. I enjoy cheese too much to ever turn vegan myself, so I would never pester my polishes about it!

    Well, Orlys, I hope you find a safe haven! Perhaps it will be with me!

  107. Arlee says:

    How admirable of Space Cadet to admit he needs help in providing for his family. I would provide a loving home for the Orly’s while still helping Papa Orly to keep his dignity. We have all fallen on hard times, he shouldn’t be punished for getting stuck with an irresponsible and unfeeling former owner. Just leaving behind a whole family like that, it’s tragic.

    I would take the Orly’s out for a night on the town so Hot Pink could get her dance on like she so desires. She and her whole family would be included in various facebook pictures as I always seem to over-document any fun experience.

    The Orly’s would get the love and care and flaunting that they need and deserve at my house. They’d have a nice home in a large, open-air box with a diverse variety of other polishes. At home in a sea of colors and brands. They would be free to live their life….. free to mingle with top coats and glitters…. whoever they wanted to see.

    Be strong Orly’s. I hope to see you soon!

  108. Awesome blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally confused .. Any recommendations? Thanks a lot!

  109. Katie says:

    To the dearest Orly Family,
    I know how much you need a loving home, and I will be the one to give it to you! I am a very loving, caring person. I love all my polishes equally. There is zero tolerance for nail polish in this house! I will tell you a little background on me.I am 23 years old and I have always love nail polish, and almost ever went without! That was until about a year ago now. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had to have about 7 months of Chemo. But I was not going to let this get me down! I walked right into my first Chemo treatment with my bright pink polish on ready to do the job. Until about two weeks later. Why? Because I started to lose my fingernails!! I know, horrifying. My beautiful nails, that I loved so dearly were leaving me right in front of my own eyes! I have felt the heartache that your family feels now, living without a home. I know how well you would treat me, and all 10 of my brand new nails. I truly hope you consider me, to adopt you. I think we would have a wonderful family together, knowing how well I would take care of you all. My home, and nails are waiting for all of you!!


  110. nardd says:

    heyya gorgeousness!
    you dazzaling beauties can worry no more!
    with me, you will no longer have to worry about getting dry or abandoned in a desolate cupboard as i will rock your life! your life will consist of parties, events, danefloors, pictures and more! no need to hide your glorious colour, you should believe in yourself because you are all stunning!!

    i will help you beauties re-discover your talent to do what you do best.

    mwahhhh! X

  111. Nicole says:

    The Orly polishes would have a wonderful time here! They would have nearly 300 new friends to socialize with, and scads of opportunities for nail art. And every time they’re used, a very happy two year old will squeal, “Oooooh pwetty! I love it! So bootifool!!!”


  112. Amber says:

    Dearest Orly family,

    I don’t have any of you Orlys in my collection! There’s plenty of room for you in my lovely home of polishes, and you would all get the extra special attention you deserve!

    Hubby Orly, I know you promised your wife nights out on the town, and I can give her that. I’m a college student with a busy social life! And you promised that her swatches would end up on Facebook, right? Well I can do that, too! I’m an aspiring photographer, and I put all the pictures of myself and my clients on my facebook! And nail polish is always a great touch. Your wife would look so good in my photos.

    Children, I actually work with children as my part time job! You’d be so perfect on me, in the nursery with the little babies! They always love admiring my nails.

    I paint my nails several times a week, so of course you’d all get worn frequently. I fall in love with my nails EVERY time I paint them, so you can bet I’d ooh and ah over each and every one of you.

    I’ll give you the most loving home you could fathom having. Please let me adopt you! <3

  113. ggggg says:

    Our family’s home is open, our arms are open, and our hearts are surely open to bringing this family in need into our lives. We have been through a rough year too (we almost lost my brother) and found that more than ever family is what gets you through. Family is always there. Family comforts and heals.

    We are good people and we are very kind and giving. Our family is very close and we are strong together but we realized how small it really is and know in our hearts that an addition to our family is something that, deep down, we are longing for. To expand our circle of love and caring to this family would not only provide them with what they need but would also fill a gap within our family. Together we can all have rich and full lives and pass that along to our children and the generations to come.

    It’s funny how things work out sometimes. We all see a beautiful family in need but the truth is that my family really needs them, too.

  114. Ivette says:

    I am a family woman myself, but always down for a good time, if picked to be in charge of this beautiful family I will do my best to show them a good time and introduce them to our little family who has yet to meet an orly and embrace them all to their family. We anxiously await the happy news. thank you.

  115. I think I am the perfect parent because I can assure you that I will have the best home for the Orly Family. I have 172 bottles of nail polish and each and everyone gets the same amount of attention!

    I have PLENTY of room for the Orly Family in my family and I can assure that the Orly Family will feel right at home, because my family gets excited every time I bring home a new nail polish to add to my family.
    I am always trying out new designs and posting them on Facebook and Deviant Art so they will feel right at home right away!.
    I may not have any of that brand, however I have a VERY WIDE variety of nail polish as well as some brands where I only have one in, and they are all extremely welcoming of new nail polish even of new brands, those are their favorites!
    I always use a base coat and a top coat when I do my nails so they will feel nice and cozy.
    My nail polish and remover are always kept separate from each other, and when I take my nail polish off I always use my remover, put it away and then get out my nail polish so they won’t see each other so the Orly Family has nothing to worry about.
    Also, I don’t even own any Mattifiers so the Orly Family has nothing to worry about with that.
    I will be sure to provide the promises you have made to your wife with going out to dances, walks and other events! You guys will be seen! I always post pictures on Facebook and Deviant Art so there is no worry about not being seen! <3
    They will most defiantly be kept in a nice cold spot so they will last as long as possible. I love nail polish and have read things online and really know how to care for my nail polish properly and I have learned from nail salons so my nail polish is in top notch condition.
    I love painting my nails as well as my friends nails and I’m sure not only will I be excited to bring the Orly Family, but I’m sure my friends will be excited to meet them as well! They love seeing the new colors I get and are always having me do crazy designs on their nails.
    I also love getting a variety of colors, so the Orly Family has absolutely nothing to worry about! It will have the proper love and care.
    I also live in the United States and I live in Northern USA so I’m close to Canada so they won’t have to travel too far. And when they gets home, if they wants to relax first I will assure you that they will be comfy, or if they wants to be used first or anything they want to do, I will assure you that they will be very happy here with my collection.
    I sure hope I could be given a chance to provide a home for the beautiful the Orly Family nail polish here. <3

  116. Katy M says:

    I am a 36 year old married woman who wants children. An avid polish collector I happened to be sick during the Orly Cosmix FX craze and missed out on adopting my very own Space Cadet. I adore Orly polishes and know they’re each beautiful in their own way but I feel I can help Daddy Space Cadet feel like the provider in the family again as I help show him off like a real man should be shown!

    I have a spacious Helmer with room for all four polishes. I can even guarantee Daughter Hot Stuff her own space away from her parents with other teens in my minis drawer!

    Please consider my plea to give this beautiful family a real home. These four need the love, caring, admiration and individual treatment I can provide.

    Good luck to you all wherever you land!

  117. Nicole says:

    I started simple, I had a few old colors that my mother had given me. I quickly found that polish would become my fast friends. I have been through some very hard times with depression and anxiety. I had developed some pretty maladaptive coping mechanisms starting at a young age. Once I had gotten far enough in treatment I became very proactive in caring for myself and adopting some good healthy habits to distract me from the depression and anxiety and be in general nicer and more caring towards myself. Doing my nails became a comfort and enjoyable hobby for me, and so become my goal of adopting new polishes. I have found some lonely polishes in dollar stors, neglected and labeled as “not good enough”. I am so grateful for the polishes I have been able to bring into my home. We care for one another in a wonderfully symbiotic way. They help my confidence, and I love to show off all of my “children” to my loved ones. We can nth feel pretty together.

    I feel like I would be a good polish parent for any color or brand I would be lucky enough to adopt. These polishes deserve some love, an clearly from the comments there are plenty of good willing hopeful adopters out there. I am just one of many, here for any that would have me. And I cross my fingers to be chosen as a parent for these beautiful little ones!

  118. Julie says:

    Dearest Orlys,
    You’d story made me realize how lucky I am. To have a good home, family, everything. And I would like to share it with you all. All my polishes are used, and quite frequently. I love each one, and I would love even more. I don’t have to many, so each one gets the individual attention needed. I have enough space, to where you can have your own individual space. I, as with my family, love children. I hope I can have you all in my home. <3

  119. Cat says:

    Hello Orly family!
    I am so sorry for your loss. I have felt great loss as well. I know its hard to keep your mind off because everything reminds you of what happened and I would love to help you through this hard and horrible time. I’m afraid that I don’t have any of your other family members information but I’m sure together we could track it down and have a family reunion. I’m a very dedicated parent and would love to meet you. I have a wonderful and cozy place for you to customize. I would also like to assure you that there will be no more loss in your life if you come to live with me. I live in an amazing school district however I would love to help you home school your children as well. I have a lot of other nail polishes for you to socialize with. We have many activities and classes for you and your children. I promise to use you all the time and always have you prominently displayed. I have never owned a Orly and defiantly one by the same name. So it will show how amazing and original you are.

  120. Maureen says:

    What a precious family, I would love to adopt them. For Christmas I got brand new zebra print containers…I mean homes for my beloved nail polishes, so the Orly family would have plenty of space in the home I would provide, and because I am OCD, they would NEVER be split up and they would always be together as an Orly family. In fact, I have a few cousins and crazy aunts and uncles also from the Orly family that would love to be reunited with some of their beloved family. I take such good care of my polishes and am oh so careful with them when they are actually on my nails, they will always have a top coat to make sure they are warm, protected, chip-proof, and oh so shiny. Please consider me to house this beautiful family!

  121. MELISSA HESLOP says:

    Dear Orlys,
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss! I too recently have been going through hard times. But luckily I am blessed to have a warm, cozy home! I would love if you could come and live with me. I am a struggling nail polish addict. I just recently discovered the world of nail art and stamping plates and I everytime my husband and I go to ANY store that has polish, its the first thing I shop for. However, my poor hubby is recovering from an almost deadly brain injury so he is not quite as understanding about shopping for nail polish as I am. It would be so fantastically amazingly awesomesauce to actually bring some home instead of breaking the bank! I have been trying to get him to let me try my ideas out on his nails as he has beautiful nails, and I think if I could show him that Mr Orly (my dad used to call-well still does-call me space cadet) is as manly as he is, he just might succumb to my endeavor. Also, I am needing a nice wall unit to display my pretties, and having you 4 here with us would also help me achieve that as well. I love ALL colors and am always looking for ways to add more. We were so blessed when my hubby survived the terrible industrial accident and were helped by so many, that I would love, Love, LOVE to be able to return the favor! I hope that you will forgive this late application, and let me please sneak in, and give me a chance to repay the kindness we were given. I would so love to see you come and live with me…I will love you dearly and wear you often with all my new and fascinating polish “toys.”

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application, I am a big fan of your adoption agency. Oh, and I too am also adopted, I did forget to mention that part, so I can be able to share with you my love and stories to help make your change more comfortable. I think we can become a beautiful family.


  122. paige says:

    What a sweet family! I know my lone Orly polish would love a sweet family to spend her days with. She lives in a lovely 2 by 2 cube, nice up right storage (so they won’t leak, of course!) where she bunks with some other kind polishes. The family would stay together, in their humble adobe (except for when their polishing services are requred). Space Cadet and Hot Pink, when they have reached an older age will be placed into nice retirement (the bottom drawer? It’s lined in zebra felt, which I’m sure is going to be quite luxorious) where their children can visit (if they want!). Hot Stuff will be placed under watch (wouldn’t want her getting out of hand!) and Blue Collar right along side! (boys will be boys!). This family will be treated with fine base and top coats, and maybe some pretty designs! (Arglye? Paisley? Polka Dots? Snowflakes? Damask?). I know my lone Orly Two Hour Lunch would certainly reign them in, she’s quite calm and will certainly love some excitement in her life (opposites attract!). I hope this fine family will join my nail polish home!

  123. Monica says:

    Dear Orly Family,
    I love you already! I’m a licensed nail tech so I’m an expert in polish care. Also, as I’m doing clients, you would get so much use. You’d love a home with all of my other polishes where you’d be loved and accepted for who you are.
    Space Cadet, I’ve been after you for quite a long time and I’d love to give you a home with your beautiful family. I admire you in particular for being a strong provider for your family and holding it all together.
    I know there are many contenders who would love to take you in, but please consider me because in my home you’d get the most use and love out of everyone!
    Love always,

  124. Ella says:

    Hey, you funky nail polishes, you.
    Sometimes it’s hard to be bright and stand out. People (& other, less adorable nail polishes) get jealous of your shine, and tear you down, try and take that away from you to make themselves feel better. At least you Orly’s have each other to comfort each other. See, I’m all alone here, but maybe if you came and lived with me, I wouldn’t feel so lonely anymore? I can’t promise that I’m the best ever nail artist, but I can promise that if I wore you, you’d make me feel better, and together we could take on the world.