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Parent Selected: The Orly’s – Hard Times Strike a Family of Four



Larson C.

I am a 13 year old polish-obsessor and have always planned on adopting kids when old enough. Since I’m too young to do that, and my polishes are my babies this would be a perfect way to do that. I also have plenty of space for this beautiful polish family in my bathroom. Also I’m a budding nail blogger so I can promise that Space Cadet’s Wife, Hot Pink, will have her swatches all over the internet with her two wonderful children. Plus, I never lend out or loose my nail polishes and treat them all with the ultimate respect.


“Dear Orly Family,
I’m so sorry you have fallen on such hard times. I would love to adopt you and let you see what life is really all about.
Mother Orly, my husband will take us dancing often, what girl doesn’t want that? And walks, that’s how I get my exercise daily. As for showing off swatches…I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and write a blog everyone will get to see your beauty. We could even be sure to get some family portraits.
Daughter Orly, I have a daughter just about your age. She could really use your influence in her life. And I’m sure it wouldn’t take long for you to be the best of friends. Then she would proudly introduce you to many more friends.
Baby Orly, you are just so cute. I have a son, too. He would be happy to share his mommy with you. I have so much love and attention it would be no problem to make both of you happy.
Father Orly, don’t you feel left out. I love spending time with my husband and how do i do that? With plenty of outdoors time. There will be hiking, fishing, and so much more. If I get to adopt your family there will never be a lack of happiness in either of our lives and you will no longer have to worry. 3 Free is fine with me, to be honest, vegan would be like punishment.
I know your family would be happy here. You would never feel neglected or unwanted. I have plenty of time and love for all of you. I hope my family sounds as nice to you as yours does to me. Have a wonderful day and hope i get the chance to meet you.


“I know a family of four is a big load to adopt, but I also know that I can afford to support them everyday because I always take all my babies for a walk interchangeably every other day. In other words, I never leave my house without them because I’d feel naked without them.
Moreover, I always put on beautiful clothes on them with cute yet elegant design. Also, according to my experience, I know that Orly family will never disappoint me. They show really good attitude when I’m dressing them. I show them off in my blog whenever I post my outfit of the day. They can be seen <a href=”””” rel=””nofollow””>here</a>.
Last but not least, I never let my babies sleep in a dark and unventilated box. I have a special clear acrylic wall rack with lots of empty spaces mounted in my living room, so that all my guests can see their beautiful existence. All my guests will always compliment their colorful and cheerful appearance in my house.

I know that they will be very happy to be adopted by me :)”


“I would love to adopt this family of four. The Orly’s would be treated royalty within my collection. They would be the only Orly’s I have owned, and as the first in my collection, they will always have a treasured spot. I would rave about them in my blog. I’m even considering featuring them in my stories, in fact. How cute would a nail polish themed chaptered story be? VERY cute if it featured these four. In fact, allowing me to adopt them ensures that they will be PIONEERS in the storytelling field. The unsung heroes of nail polish colors.

They deserve a home with exclusivity. I have that.

They deserve the utmost luxury. My display shelves, homemade with love and adorned with my own creative photoshopped designs, can provide them that.

They deserve recognition. My blogs and my stories will give them that.

With me, they will have everything!”

Meet the Orly Family: The Orly’s are a family of four family looking for adoption. They fell on hard times when the family that owned them lost their home in the housing bubble and left the (still new) Orly polishes behind.
  • Space Cadet (Father) 
  • Hot Pink (Mother)
  • Hot Stuff (Teenage Daughter)
  • Blue Collar (Baby Boy)
Quote (Father Orly): “When I married my wife I promised her she would go dancing, out for walks, and that so many people who see her swatches on Facebook. I haven’t been able to provide the life I know she and our children deserve. Somebody please help us. Sure, of course we are 3-free, but now everybody is looking for vegan, I’m just not sure what to do”
Apply to adopt the entire Orly family by describing how you can give them a good home below. 

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