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Caring For Your New Polish

Now you’ve just brought a new polish into your family, it’s overwhelming, we know, so here are some tips to help you give the best care possible.
Take photos, post them to Facebook and blogs: Polishes love to be seen, it’s what gives them energy and life. Good parents will be sure to photo their polishes in use, a parenting technique known as “swatching”, the first day their new baby arrived to show that it is part of the family.

Safety and security:
These polishes have spent their lives in fear, so please help them feel safe and secure by using a top coat and a base coat.

Combine to reduce sibling rivalry: If you already have other polishes your new one might not fit in at first. Remember his life has been hard and he’s probably a bit timid, try combining him with another polish either as an overlay or for nail art, before you know it everybody will be getting along like a Leave it to Beaver episode.

Parental Controls: You need to be sure to take responsibility that your polishes has no more traumatizing experiences. Please avoid lettings your polish bottle see polish removers – that’s akin to seeing a guillotine for people.

Avoid Mattifiers: Your new polish might appear to be bright and crazy, but please avoid the use of a maffiier. Mattifiers are polish anti-depressants and cause the polish to lose their personality. You wouldn’t put one of your friends on Prozac just because they were bubbly, would you?

Keep cool: Polishes need a good cold home so they can have as long a life as possible. Be sure you are ready with air conditioning or a refrigerator.